Our Pastor

Pastor Elliott Sommerville, a prolific orator of the Gospel, operates under a powerful prophetic and evangelistic calling from the Lord. At an early age he accepted the call of God on his life and since that time has proven to be an able pulpiteer. His compassionate heart coupled with his passion for God allows him to truly minister restoration, healing and deliverance to the lost. This charismatic evangelist is known nationally for his provoking and encouraging message that causes him to build bridges and restore the Body of Christ.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, and reared in the classical Pentecostal upbringing of the Church Of God In Christ, Pastor Elliott Sommerville has certainly been a student of the Word of God and has committed himself to life long learning. He attended the EMMAUS Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa, Total Grace Ministry Institute in Decatur, Georgia and is currently enrolled at the Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pastor Sommerville emerges as a prophetic voice for this 21st century. His innovative methods and administrative skills have been fruitful over the years. In 1989, Pastor Sommerville formed the Interdenominational Praise Ministries, which was designed to unite the youth of the inner city regardless of their Christian background or church affiliation. During Pastor Sommerville's ministerial tenure in the local assembly he was elevated to the office youth pastor, organizing the "Youth Church". This extension of the larger congregation was complete with simultaneous services and a comprehensive worship experience that were both age appropriate and evangelistic. In 1991 Pastor Sommerville planted the Zion Temple of Deliverance. This local assemble was birthed out of the clarion call for love and faith to be extended to all people. Seeking to reach beyond the walls of "church" and denomination, Pastor Sommerville desires to make a practical and tangible difference in the lives of people everywhere.

In 1997 Pastor Sommerville founded the For His Glory Ministries. This evangelistic ministry's call/mission is to spread the message of Hope, Heaven & Healing, for all people; win the lost and preach restoration to the Body of Christ. F.H.G.M. is the ministry vehicle through which Pastor Sommerville proclaims the undeniable truth that "Jesus Christ is Lord!"

Upon his relocation to the Atlanta, Georgia Metropolitan area in January 2000, Pastor Sommerville has served the Lord's church with consistency and fervor for the people of God. Called Preacher, Anointed Teacher, Powerful Evangelist, pending Author and Social Justice Activist all describe Pastor Elliott Sommerville. However, he experiences his greatest joy in being the proud father of daughter, Carina Nicole Tatyana and the grandfather of grandson Brian Christopher Elliott.

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